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User-Friendly App

The best thing about Edyphant is probably its simplified user interface. Edyphant’s intuitive designs make complicated task effortless.
The interface is built smooth so that even a toddler can use it with ease. The app makes life easy as multiple tasks and activity lists are segregated in a systematic manner.
The App supports interaction where students can seek each other’s help in assignments and submissions. The Parents and Teachers too can get involved!

Why Edyphant

We try to make the schooling process a better experience for everyone. Our App helps in making the school ecosystem systematic for Students, convenient for Teachers and collaborative for Parents. We solve problems deeply entrenched in the schooling ecosystem, making it organized and helpful in 3 unique ways!


With Edyphant, you can assign homework, conduct tests, check or manage progress reports and segregate project work. Have too many classes to attend? No worries, you can create as many groups as you want to organize multiple classrooms!


Ever met Parents who are clueless about important dates or assignments? There’s a chasm between school and Parent communication, our App helps you bridge the gap! Teachers can share deadlines, event dates, project guidelines, test schedules and a lot more that directly reaches the Parents.


No need to wait for the next day to make an announcement! With Edyphant, you can just send out instant notices & save a lot of time! You can also conduct tests and quizzes in real time, ensuring that the assessment is quick and learning is fun!


Easily reaches your student wherever they are, Edyphant has been designed to make anytime connect and notify your students, simpler easier and reliable. And our personalized student service solutions help you deliver what your student expect.

What our clients are saying

Edyphant improves the schooling experience at various levels through the user-friendly APP!

I was tired of carrying answer sheets to my place! The school closet was full of assignments, project files and what not. With Edyphant, I am able to focus what I signed up for, Teaching! It has also become easier for me to get in touch with kids and Parents. This app has changed the stress levels at work for sure.


With Edyphant, I can clarify doubts with my teachers, even when I am at home. It is also easy to connect with my classmates and discuss about assignments. I have easily been able to manage class work & home work as well! With Edyphant, I feel far more organized as a student.

STUDENTRahul Gupta

My child used to miss a lot of assignments, not anymore because I know beforehand what needs to be done on what day! It is just amazing to see the progress of my child without being much trouble to the Teachers. I just access the app and I know I am sorted! Edyphant made my life easier without a glimmer of doubt!

PARENTS Mrs.Amanna

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Edyphant is a collaboration system that helps Teachers, Students, Parents & Administrators manage school & institute tasks efficiently!


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