Online MeetingsSimple Virtual Classroom Solution

Empowering remote learning with Edyphant Meetings

Create virtual classroom to with a click of a button, share your presentation and videos and invite students to collaborate on a white board.

Inspire and engage your learners to collaborate

features that’s loved by everyone
Share your webcam
Learners can share their webcam simultaneously and there is no set limit on number of simultaneous active webcams
Whiteboard for presentor
Collaborate with your students and co-lecturer on multi-user white board presentation. Use tools and text ready to use
Breakout rooms
Split students into groups. Place them into a breakout rooms for discussion and group activity
Enables polling for students to confirm their learning. Poll students to actively engage them in the learning contents.

Engage your students wherever they are

Power your student to connect from any mobile devices with no installation.

One Click Recording

With simple, intuitive interface, just select what you want to record and click to start.

All in one flipped classroom

Focus on student learning with real time whiteboard collaboration, confirm learning with polling, share your presentation, screens, audio. Clarifies the doubts with chats and notes.
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Edyphant is a collaboration system that helps Teachers, Students, Parents & Administrators manage school & institute tasks efficiently!


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