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Mrs.Kamat has been a Teacher since 15 years and she believes that the last 2 years have been the least stressful and most productive. She accredits this to Edyphant!

The management decided to opt for a school collaboration software and Mrs.Kamat was a massive beneficiary. She says, “I was a bit sceptical about using an APP because I am not a very tech savvy person. But I discovered that it is very easy to use and soon I made the most of it. It helped me maintain clarity, both with my students and their parents, to a level that we collectively started enjoying the classroom and simultaneously got everything done before the deadline”.

She believes that it helped her focus more on teaching and less on managing the class. Are you looking forward to focus completely on teaching?

Rahul Gupta, grade 8th, feels he has been able to save a lot of time using Edyphant. He has been using the APP since one year.

Here’s what he had to say, “As project deadlines and exams approached, my playtime reduced significantly. I was immersed into books because of the assignments I had forgotten to complete and the projects I didn’t initially work on. With Edyphant, it gets a lot easier; thanks to the updates I receive regularly. This semester I have been able to submit everything on time and my play time hasn’t decreased at all so I am really happy!”

Want to ensure that you save time and play with all your heart?

Mrs.Amanna is a working woman who values her daughter’s education highly. But because of a hectic work schedule she hadn’t been able to cope up with academic requirements, before using Edyphant.

She says, “It bothered me a lot and honestly, saddened me to the core whenever my child failed to get a good rank. She needed my supervision but my work demands restricted me from doing so. There were days where I hadn’t spoken a word about her academics. And soon enough she went off the track although she is a bright child. With Edyphant, I started getting each and every update, directly from the school making my task easier. Today, a quick call during a break is all I need to get things aligned for my daughter. It’s been a pleasure to see homework done before I arrived home.”

Want to be a Parent with full access to academic activities?

Mrs. Gomes is the Principal of a reputed school in Mumbai. After experiencing a constant drop in performance, she opted to go for Edyphant. Within a semester’s time, she had detected a problem in the school’s functioning. By addressing and improving on that issue, she helped students perform better.

Here’s what she had to say, “I constantly utilized data provided by the App and tracking the same, realized that too many theory lectures were hampering kid’s attention in several grades. After an interesting discussion, we decided that we will have one practical session after every 2 theory lessons. As we had rightly believed, the minor change worked and we were able to keep students engaged in teaching activities. The Teachers were happy to educate children who were more attentive. We couldn’t have made that observation with the requisite data from Edyphant!”

Is your school functioning as good as it should be?

Edyphant is the way to go!

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